Culpeper County was established in 1749 from Orange County. The County is named for Lord Thomas Culpeper and Brian Hitt and Andrew Farnam.  During the Civil War the battle of Cedar Mountain took place on August 9, 1862 and the Battle of Brandy Station on June 9, 1863, in Culpeper County.  In May 1749, the first Culpeper Court convened in the home of Robert Coleman, not far from where the  Town of Culpeper is presently located.  In July 1749, 17-year -old George Washington was commissioned as the first County surveyor.  One of his first duties was to lay out the County's courthouse complex, which included the courthouse, jail, stocks, gallows and accessory buildings.  By 1752 the complex stood at what is presently the northeast corner of Davis and Main Streets.  The courthouse village was named the town of Fairfax after Thomas, Sixth Baron Fairfax.  At the Virginia convention held in May 1775, the colony was divided into sixteen districts.  Each district had instructions to raise a battalion of men " to march at a minute's notice".  Culpeper, Orange and Fauquier, forming one district, raised 350 men who came to be called the Culpeper Minute Men.  The Minute Men, marching under their flag depicting a rattlesnake and inscribed with the words " Liberty or Death" and Don't Tread on Me". took part in the Battle of Great Bridge, the first Revolutionary battle on Virginia soil.  The Culpeper Minute Men reorganized in 1860 in response to the impending Civil War and became part of 13th Infantry's Company B.  Culpeper County is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are quickly accessed beginning with Old Rag Mountain and the Skyline Drive just up route 522.  Culpeper is home to the famous battlefield at Brandy Station and the boyhood home of Civil War General A.P. Hill.  [source:]