1. You need a 10-20% down payment...In fact roughly 60% of homebuyers financed their purchase using 6% or less down. For example a VA loan is zero down and FHA 3.5% down.

2. Low down payment programs are only for first-time home buyers...Low down payment assistance programs are available to many qualified homebuyers even those purchasing their second, third or 10th home.  Review your options prior to counting yourself out of the market.

3. It's difficult to qualify for down payment assistance...There are assistance programs available for homebuyers with all levels of income, current renters or owners, and buyers with a diversity of credit scores. Contact a lender regarding programs available in your area.

4. You can't use gifts, grants or loans for your down payment...This all depends on your lender, but many allow buyers to use money that has been gifted to them (whether through family or grant programs) to pay for some or all of the down payment.

* Please feel free to contact me with any questions or a list of lender's to contact.

* You can also ask the seller to help with some of you cost towards a closing.