The home inspection is by far the #1 deal killer when it comes to selling your home.  You could save time, money, headaches or a dead deal by avoiding a negative inspection.  Most or all buyers will make their offer contingent on a satisfactory inspection. By doing a pre-inspection  you will have a list of potential problems that you may want to address or at least be aware of prior to listing your home.  If the buyer's inspection discovers issues they may lose enthusiasm or be scared off and will either walk away from the deal or ask you to fix the defective items or reduce the price usually by considerably more than actual cost of repairs. The average cost of an inspection is around $350 based on the size of your home and the totality of the inspection.  Other inspections (test) usually include radon estimated cost $150, termite estimated cost $45, and a well and septic evaluation.  The termite inspection is a requirement with some lenders.  I can not stress enough having the pre-inspection done prior to listing your home, if at all possible. If you have any questions please contact me @248-330-1449.  For a list of inspectors in the area visit  I also have a list of local inspectors that you can contact.