Did you just put your home on the market or are you considering it?  Are you wondering if you should have an open house? Here's my thoughts on it: It's probably not necessary if you have your home correctly priced, shows well, is in a desirable neighborhood, and the market is in you favor.  Also, if you listed it with an agent that has an aggressive marketing strategy. Today, most if not all, buyers first search on- line to find, or eliminate, homes in the area they desire.  If your home has a strong presence on- line, exceptional photographs, social media exposure, etc, it enhances your chances of receiving an offer.  Once a serious qualified buyer selects your home to view they will contact their realtor to set a appointment and assist them in the process. As a rule, most homes do not sell at open houses. In my opinion, if a home sold at an open house it would have sold without it due to the afore mentioned factors. There can be exceptions, due to creating a sense of urgency to buyers, for certain homes in certain areas. My experience is some people attending open houses may not be in the position to make a purchase for one reason or another. Also, there is the concern of security.  I have not personally had to deal with theft at an open house, but know it does occur on occasions. In some situations where a seller may work out of the home, and have a difficult time vacating the home during the week, then it may be more beneficial to schedule an open house. There are certainly pros and cons of an open house but, I feel the cons out weigh the pros. If you are still wanting to give it shot, discuss it with your agent. Not all homes are open house candidates. When having an open house or a showing, it goes without saying your home should  look inviting and be well displayed. If you have further questions regarding an open house, or marketing your home, feel free to contact me at 540-317-0990 or email me at bob@bobhuston.com